Giving your time

Did you know that volunteering can help your mental health? Research has shown that helping a cause decreases depression, social isolation and anxiety while improving self-esteem and confidence – it also counts as one of your 5 a day (Give). So what are you waiting for?

We rely on our team of amazing volunteers who give up their time to support us in delivering our vision to improve the mental health of the people of Stamford through a community approach.

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities that allow you to commit as much time as you can.

Becoming a volunteer

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers, and we value the variety of knowledge and experience our volunteers bring to MindSpace.

No previous experience of volunteering, or working in the mental health or wellbeing sector is required as full training is given.

We love to get to know our volunteers, and we like our volunteers to get to know and understand MindSpace. So if you’re interested in volunteering, why not come and join us at a drop-in session to see what we’re all about.

Through the application process, our volunteer co-ordinator will look for a role best suited to you and your skills. It might be that you have a hidden talent which we can use to lead some sessions, you may be a great fundraiser, or just a brilliant conversationalist.

We provide our volunteers with as much training and development as they wish to take on. This will be discussed as and when training opportunities arise.

In particular, all our volunteers have the chance to take part in our ‘Listening Lite’ course and, after that, they have the opportunity to complete our ‘Listening for Life’ 6-week programme which will enable them to become one of our drop-in session ‘listeners’.

We’re not just looking for volunteers for our existing activities. We need people to help with our new a community garden, and we’d love someone to run out-of-town walks. Or maybe you have ideas for new sessions to add to our activity schedule?

If you don’t have the time to commit to volunteering on a regular basis, we are always in need of cake bakers. If you’re gifted in the baking department and would like to help, please get in touch.


What our volunteers say

"Having had mental health issues in the past, I now have a deep understanding on the subject and I get great satisfaction in now being able to support other people."

Jennie Widdop

"I became a volunteer after having my own struggles as a teenager. I have a passion for helping teenagers and young people, whether that be with a mental illness or just a place for them too feel like they fit in and to make some new friends. So when I got the opportunity to lead the 18-26 social groups I jumped straight in!"

Ellie Fox-Ricketts

"I became interested in volunteering after ‘beating’ my own battle with poor mental health and wellbeing. I became interested in the mechanisms I used to help myself out of a dark period of my life and the psychology behind these. As a result I had heightened empathy for those still struggling and wanted to use my new-found ‘light’ and ‘optimism’ to try help others in anyway I could. I love volunteering with MindSpace as I really feel part of a community - something I had not yet found after moving to Stamford. I have made precious relationships with both ‘members’ and fellow ‘volunteers’ which in turn hugely helps my own wellbeing."

"MindSpace activities are invaluable in maintaining my wellbeing and are ones that otherwise I would not be able to afford. Helping others, however small my contribution really helps my own wellbeing - which makes sense when MindSpace introduced me to the 5 ways to wellbeing. ‘Give’ (time, words, presence) as well as ‘Connect’ are two of the ‘ways' (as well as ‘be active’ which the activities facilitate). Finally, the ‘mindfulness’ course (and other online courses more recently) which I was able to access through my volunteering has helped me massively continue on my journey of my own wellbeing as well as deepening my understanding of the vast area of wellbeing - which fulfils the final of the two ‘ways’: 'take notice’ and ‘keep learning’."

"Everyone has mental health needs. When life’s challenges become difficult for whatever reason I think it is so important that somewhere locally there is a safe space to be. Somewhere where there are trained people able to listen well if people want to open up, or, just to provide a safe welcome. MindSpace offers this and I am very pleased to volunteer for such a positive organisation that puts everyone’s emotional and mental health needs first. A local charity funded by local people which is in the heart of the community."


    Volunteer & contract roles


    As some of our volunteer trustees are reaching the end of their 3-year term, we are now seeking to replace a number of board members.

    We have some exciting times ahead as we look to move to an asset-based community development model and are seeking individuals with a range of skills (particularly finance, fundraising, marketing, people management and IT) combined with enthusiasm and a desire to give back to the local community. As we are a small, rapidly growing charity, trustees are actively involved in day-to-day operations as well as developing the strategic direction. For this reason, we need trustees that can bring both the skills we need to grow and develop, live locally and have time and energy to give to the charity.

    If you are interested in working with us, or would like to find out more, please get in touch.


    To apply, please email your covering letter and CV to office@mindspacestamford.com


    We’re now recruiting volunteer gardeners to help out in our community garden. If you have a good knowledge of gardening and are able to lead group activities, please apply to volunteer.


    We’re looking to pull together a small team of marketing, social media and web professionals who can spare some time on a regular basis to help us to improve and to spread the MindSpace message.