What is a sound bath?

What is a sound bath?

5 July 2024

Introducing… the Sound Bath! No idea? Nor had most of us at MindSpace when therapist Sara Nye of Sound Spa – Sound Tribe invited us to try it out. And we absolutely LOVED it! Sara is now offering monthly sessions at the MindSpace Wellbeing Garden over the summer.

Sara explains how it works: ‘A sound bath involves a gentle relaxation of the body and mind with the soothing noise made by gongs and chimes – I also use singing bowls, drums, rain sticks, tingsha bells and tuning forks. Sounds and vibrations accelerate the process of mindfulness, help to centre the wandering mind and balance the body’s energy field. They can help ‘fast-track’ your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation and meditation, even for people who normally struggle to meditate. A state of in “in-flow” is experienced as sound waves synchronize the body’s energy vibrations (your brain, heart and hara energy). Gong sounds and vibrations also have a beneficial effect on hormone levels, reducing adrenalin and lowering cortisol levels, enabling the body to enter a healing state.’

Sara was already a therapist when she went along to a sound bath herself, and was so struck by the positive effects of her experience she decided to become a sound healing therapist herself. ‘I love music and I’m interested in instruments anyway’, she says, ‘and so running the sessions is therapeutic and enjoyable for me. I get even more out of it by helping others.’

When you book in for a session, you’ll be asked to wear comfy clothes and bring along a blanket or cushion, so you stay warm and cosy during your session. Normally in dry weather, the sound bath will take place outdoors at the Wellbeing Garden, but if its wet or windy, the garden shelter is a perfect enclosed, safe space.

‘Most people lie down on the yoga mats provided, which are surprisingly comfortable over the gravel at the Wellbeing Garden’ says Sara, who makes sure everyone is feeling settled and ready to relax at the beginning of the 50 minute session. ‘At the end of the session, there is a wonderful feeling of peace, harmony and calm. The MindSpace Garden is the perfect, tranquil spot for a sound bath, and really encourages feelings of wellbeing.’

To book in for a Sound Bath, click here.