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Self Harm Awareness Day – Ellie’s story

Ellie is an articulate, intelligent, self-possessed woman of 28. She’s kind, caring, highly sensitive and insightful. At the moment she is studying at college, with a view to becoming a counsellor in the future. She gives to the community by volunteering with MindSpace and has helped out at a local… Read More

Making an alcohol-free life a reality

Coach Carol Urry has developed a proven strategy to help people take back control and become totally free from the grip of alcohol. She’ll be sharing skills, habits and tools in a new four-week course in association with MindSpace called the Alcohol-free Experience. Carol tells us more… My mission… Read More

Living with anxiety

Before my nervous breakdown, I appeared to be in a good place. I ran my own successful business, owned my own house and I had a happy family life. But under the surface, I had always lived with anxiety and worry, and I was struggling to hold everything together. The… Read More