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Sleep Matters

Do you struggle to fall asleep, lie awake in the wee small hours with a racing mind and always wake up tired? If so, you are not alone. Many of us go through periods of poor sleep which may impact on our day to day lives, with a potential impact… Read More

Understanding Eating Disorders

What you eat impacts on our health and wellbeing, but did you know that we use – and misuse food – to influence how we feel? In this article local expert Edwina Hawkridge BA, Dip Coun, MBACP, helps us understand common attitudes towards food for Eating Disorders Awareness… Read More

‘Tis the season to be jolly…. apparently

by Sally Freestone, MindSpace volunteer ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly!… or so the festive song tells us.  If those words make you groan rather than leap with joy, you’re not alone. For many the run-up to Christmas is a challenging time:  it can be incredibly busy, trying to fit… Read More

Empty Nest Syndrome

By Linda Dalton, MindSpace volunteer The vibrant colours of autumn bring joy to many but the onset of long dark nights, dreary November days and the thought of the cold winter months to come can quickly bring on the autumn blues. There are many reasons to suffer the blues, but… Read More

Let’s all tackle loneliness

MindSpace volunteer Dominic Cerillo looks at what you can do if you’re feeling lonely… During the pandemic’s lockdowns, we all missed talking to our families or friends in the flesh at some point. We all longed for a hug from that one person who makes us feel safe. We all… Read More

Volunteer Julie’s blog part 8: What makes a good pilgrim?

It is a question many of us who walk to Santiago de Compostela and other pilgrimage sites ask ourselves. Yesterday morning at breakfast I had a brief conversation with another pilgrim about having booked all my accommodation. His response was that a pilgrim takes his chances when he turns up… Read More

Volunteer Julie’s blog part 7: the Caminho begins

The Caminho begins (written 27 August 2022) Since we landed here in Portugal, life has been so full I have only had time to write the briefest notes. Now we have a rest day and I can record my thoughts more clearly. I begin my pilgrimage with Christine, a friend,… Read More

The End-of-Summer Blues

by Sally Freestone, MindSpace Volunteer As the calendar nudges beyond August and into September, I always think it signals the end of summer, and the start of autumn. A friend said to me that this time of year is more synonymous, for her, with “new beginnings” than January, and, before… Read More