We are launching a Coffeehouse Chess Club!

We are launching a Coffeehouse Chess Club!

24 November 2021

MindSpace Stamford is launching a Coffeehouse Chess Club this month (November). ‘Coffeehouse’ is an informal style of chess that emphasises the social aspects of enjoying chess and is popular all over the world.   

Chess is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom in popularity following the success of Netflix drama ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and the fact that millions of people discovered online chess for mental diversion and escapism during the pandemic.   

MindSpace’s new club offers an opportunity for new and experienced chess players of all levels to meet in real life and enjoy a social game of chess over coffee and cake, with the club launching for its opening night on Wednesday 24th November.

MindSpace volunteer, club organiser and chess enthusiast, Jamie Sutherland, says: “What I love about chess is that it offers people from different backgrounds, ages and cultures the chance to connect but traditional chess clubs can be a little bit intimidating, especially for beginners. Coffeehouse Chess offers a friendly environment for people of all levels of experience to play for fun, improve their game and meet new people.” 

Founder of MindSpace, Dr Dan Petrie, welcomes the launch of the new club with enthusiasm. He says: “I love the fact we’re able to offer a space to connect through an activity like chess which allows a sense of learning, whether you’re new or experienced, hitting several of your 5 Ways to Wellbeing in one go!”

Coffee House Chess takes place at MindSpace’s premises at 39 Broad Street, Stamford on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Full details can be found at mindspacestamford.com/join-in