Walking with MindSpace

Walking with MindSpace

16 October 2020

I have been walking with MindSpace for the last 3 weeks on Thursdays between 12.30 and 2.00.

What I like about walking with the group is the chance to take things a little bit more slowly which means we often notice things we wouldn’t normally.  In particular, we find ourselves looking up above the shop fronts to the buildings above and wandering down streets which are off the beaten track.

We chat about all sorts of things, often triggered by what we see and this often leads to some interesting discussions, because some of the group have lived in Stamford all their lives and seen many changes.

In last week’s walk we particularly enjoyed discovering the pictures of Stamford in days gone by which are featured in the open-air gallery in Mallory Lane (at the side of Harrison and Dunne).  We had great fun trying to match the pictures with the parts of Stamford as they are today.

On our walk on 17th September the weather was glorious, and we stopped on a bench in the town meadows to enjoy the view over the rooftops of the town.  From our resting place we could also see the beautiful old stone bridge over the river Welland as well as the ducks and birds who shared the meadows with us.

We decide as a group which parts of the town we want to explore, leading last week to our diversion along Bath Row, Austin Street and the Askers bakery which we would never have found without the insider knowledge of our group’s newest member!

Even though we are in a town, it is surprising how much nature there is to enjoy, not just on the meadows but in gardens such as those in Barn Hill.  A striking memory from last week were the magnificent orange pyracantha shrubs making a brilliant show above a stone wall in Barn Hill.

Walking along the river near Water Street also gave us the chance to appreciate nature.  The hustle and bustle of the High Street seemed like a million miles away as we strolled through the weeping willows and spotted a moorhen peeking through the reeds at the water’s edge.

We usually walk at a leisurely pace which takes the fitness levels of the group into account.  Although Stamford has some steep hills, we take them gently so we can enjoy the surroundings at the same time and give everyone the chance to take a rest if they need to.

For me, the walking group is a great chance to meet new people and get some fresh air and exercise.  Even when the weather turns against us (like last week!) I always feel better for taking time out to walk with other people and enjoy our town together.   I wonder what we will discover next week?