Sainsbury’s 150 days of community

Sainsbury’s 150 days of community

5 August 2019

Sainsbury’s Stamford announces its gardening challenge! 

This initiative is a part of the supermarket’s 150th birthday celebrations, which includes 150 days of volunteering across the country that continues the company’s history of putting local communities first. 

Sainsbury’s will be helping Mindspace Stamford create their new garden as part of their volunteer group for the next 150 days. A group of the store’s colleagues will be wearing their wellies to help create a beautiful and functional garden. The charity was chosen by its colleagues as mental health is key in today’s workplace 

Sainsbury’s has a long history of supporting the local community, from charity fundraising and events to donating to causes close to the hearts of its 185,000 colleagues. Thousands of colleagues across the UK are participating in the campaign, which includes supporting causes as diverse as local youth groups, elderly care homes, sports teams, community gardens and even bunny sanctuaries.  

All the initiatives supported were chosen by the teams for each store and reflect the values held by the business as well as the local communities in which the stores play a part. Because, although these communities have changed during the last 150 years, Sainsbury’s has always sought to put people first, from opening emergency shops in WWII to celebrating Christmas with disadvantaged children in the 1950s.  

As part of Sainsbury’s latest Living Well Index, research has shown that those who connect more to their community are more likely to be living well. This insight is a key reason for why stores across the country are joining together in the 150 Days of Community project to connect with their local area, and ensure that everyone feels a part of the greater community, ultimately Living Well.  

Store Manager, Matthew Nicholls said: “We’re really excited to be helping a local cause so close to our hearts – it’s a great way for our colleagues to come together and support the community. It’s so important for us to give back to our local community and what better time than in our 150th year.” 

Dr Dan Petrie, Founder of MindSpace Stamford said “We’re very touched by the commitment from Sainsbury’s Stamford to the Community Garden project. Having colleagues volunteer with us will really make a difference and we appreciate the time given to such an important cause. We would also like to sincerely thank Sue Fortune from the Lincolnshire Community Foundation Dulverton Trust Fund, who have supported this project financially with a grant of £3,342 to purchase equipment in order to really get this project up and running as quickly as possible with the volunteering capacity provided by Sainsbury’s”. 

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “In this landmark year, we want to give back to the communities we have been a part of for a century and half and bring them into the celebrations. The diversity of causes that our colleagues care about just goes to show the values that run through our business – and we’re looking forward to seeing the impact these 150 days has on the people we care about.”