New LGBTQ+ group launches in Stamford

New LGBTQ+ group launches in Stamford

26 July 2023

A new LGBTQ+ group has launched at MindSpace Stamford and the organisation hopes it will help to build an even stronger sense of community in the town.

The new group will allow for LGBTQ+ people and friends to come together in a safe space, and will be hosted by volunteers Jasmine and Phoebe.

Jasmine, who identified the need for the new group, was born and raised in the Stamford area, returning after university to find that there was nothing in place for the LGBTQ+ community in terms of support or safe social provision.

‘I felt that MindSpace had a great venue for offering tea, a chat, and a range of activities for adults to make friends and feel comfortable in a safe space. We hope that we can provide the safe space that is needed for people in the LBGTQ+ community to talk about issues they are facing, socialise, make new friends and find support.’

‘Safe Space’ takes place every fortnight at MindSpace, on Wednesday evenings between 7-8pm and is for 18+ adults only.  For more information contact or call 07563 385273. Places can be booked on the MindSpace website

For those under 18 wishing to attend an LGBTQ+ group, Think2Speak have launched a Youth Group from Thursday 8th June at Stamford Children’s Centre 6 – 7.30pm. For more information on the Think2Speak group, email or call 01427 325535.

All MindSpace activities are free of charge. 100% of donations to MindSpace are reinvested in supporting our community’s wellbeing.