Mental Health Week – loneliness – and boxing

Mental Health Week – loneliness – and boxing

11 May 2022

According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in four adults say they feel lonely some or all of the time. There’s no single cause and there’s no one solution. Unfortunately, the longer we feel lonely, the more we are at risk of mental health problems. 

For Mental Health Awareness Week (May 9 to 15), the organisation is raising awareness of the impact of loneliness on our mental health and the practical steps that can be taken to address it.  For more information, head to

At MindSpace Stamford we understand how hard it is to feel lonely and that’s why we have activities and get togethers during the day and in the evening five days a week. From art sessions to a running group, afternoon tea and chat to Men’s Night, Women’s Group and the Night Light café, there are lots of ways in which you will be welcomed in and can meet other like-minded people. Click here to see what’s on this week and book yourself in.

One of our active options is boxing with Marc at Impact Boxing in Stamford on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Members enjoy getting fit while having fun and enjoying a friendly, sociable atmosphere. Plus, being active and learning something new is very beneficial for mental wellbeing. Instructor Marc says: “For many years I have been aware of the benefits keeping fit can have on one’s mental health and, for me personally, boxing training has always been particularly effective at this.”

So, who are these sessions for? “Absolutely everybody and anybody!” confirms Marc. “All comers are welcome, regardless of age, gender, current fitness levels etc. I cannot stress this enough. I am fully aware that gyms in general can be quite intimidating places for some people and that feeling can often be intensified when it comes to boxing gyms, but I would urge people to put aside any preconceptions and come along to see for themselves.”

Participants essentially follow a similar program to the boxers at Impact Boxing – excluding punching one another! The MindSpace sessions are strictly non-contact ‘fitness’ sessions incorporating bag work (punch bags), upper body, legs and core (abs, obliques, lower back, glutes) strengthening, footwork/agility, and aerobic exercises.

Marc says: “The best way is to come along and try it. Failing that, people are welcome to come and have a look before taking part if they wish (when this happens, they always end up joining in before the end of the session!) and/or give me a ring on 07739 040 248 to discuss any concerns you might have.”

The Tuesday 10am session runs for 40 to 50mins, while the Friday session is ideal for early birds who would like to work out before work and runs for 30 minutes from 07.40 to 08.10am.