It’s time to slow down and put our well-being first this Christmas

It’s time to slow down and put our well-being first this Christmas

21 December 2021

December is probably the busiest month of the year. We all seem to speed up, rushing around to see all our friends and relatives, shopping more, going out and about, and putting that last bit of extra effort in at work.

Yet much of what our rushed, frantic society tells us is good is quite bad for our well-being. We simply get swept into doing things without much thought because it’s what everyone else is doing – scrolling social media, obsessing about obtaining this or that, and striving to have ‘that look’. It becomes so much a part of our psyche that not doing those things often seems impossible or is simply not even considered.

The Christmas period can be tough because of the picture-perfect image that we’re all fed about what the festive season should look like and all the angst that’s created in attempting to mimic it for ourselves. Instead, it would be better to take it back to what really matters – our interpersonal connections with family, friends and neighbours. Anything you can do to remember the value of relationships and lose the pressure to ‘perform’ will be the biggest and best thing you can do to ensure this Christmas is better for your well-being and for those around you too.

We are reaching the end of another challenging year, so do be mindful of those who are feeling sad because their Christmas will be different to normal. Get in touch – send them a message or better still, pick up the phone and have a chat. And if you are feeling lonely, please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone.

The period between Christmas and New Year can be a time for reflection. This year it could be an opportunity to press pause and have a think about your true priorities. A lot of stress comes from the conflict between what you feel you should be doing and what you’re actually doing. Could you work fewer hours to spend more time with family? That might mean having a cheaper holiday or second-hand rather than new car but consider the benefits – quality time with your loved ones and perhaps time for you to spend time doing things you really enjoy. We all have choices – some aren’t easy, but they are yours to make nevertheless! Why not plan a Boxing Day walk to get outside and active after the feasting of Christmas Day? You could meet up with others for a catch up and enjoy the fresh air together. Start to have the conversations about doing things differently…