Get help to make a success of Dry January

Get help to make a success of Dry January

11 December 2023

We are delighted to share that for the second year running we are launching a supported Dry January programme in association with This Naked Mind coach Carol Urry.  This free course as aimed at those who feel that they drink more than they would like, and people that would like to take a break from drinking.

Carol, who runs the ‘30-day Alcohol Experiment’ course and who herself has been alcohol-free since 2019, says “My mission is to equip individuals who are feeling overwhelmed with their drinking. Maybe you have tried many times to take a break but can’t make it stick. The 30-day programme and the short weekly sessions we have at Mindspace are there to support you as you take those crucial first steps towards regaining control”.

Pip Tiffin of MindSpace says: “As we enter the season of indulgence, it’s easy to dismiss all thoughts of what lies beyond the festivities and fun of Christmas. Being prepared, however, is a strong indicator of success, and to equip yourself with tried and tested tools and support for an alcohol-free start to 2024 will provide a massive kick start to your journey.”

The course, which begins with a limited space no-commitment taster session on Wednesday 13 December, investigates the reasons behind emotional dependency, the mindset surrounding it, conquering cravings, and unravelling the science behind the emotional ties to alcohol.  By the course’s end, participants will possess the skills to manage alcohol and the ability to overcome the desire to drink, not only building on self-esteem but also providing a basis for more meaningful relationships with loved ones.

This unique programme is specifically tailored for individuals who are emotionally dependent on alcohol and it addresses emotional reliance rather than physical addiction. The programme has no ties with Alcoholics Anonymous or the 12 steps. If you suspect you have a physical addiction to alcohol please see a medical professional. In order to sign up for January’s free course, you must attend the limited space taster session on Wednesday 13 January 6-7pm at MindSpace, 39 Broad Street, Stamford PE9 1PX. To sign up, click here.

For any queries or for further information, please email us at