To improve the wellbeing of people living, working and learning in Stamford through a community approach

MindSpace Stamford

is a
local charity committed
to improving the wellbeing of
the whole town, helping
people to flourish.

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Based on the 5 ways to wellbeing (connect; be active; pause and take notice; grow and learn; give), we deliver free-of-charge, community-led activities to help you to improve or sustain your wellbeing. Are you getting your 5 a day?



"I moved to Stamford just before the first lockdown, didn’t know anyone or where anything was and I felt like I was in a black hole. When I was introduced to MindSpace, I felt like I fitted in straight away. There is a warm feeling about the place, and no judgement. Everyone is treated equally, and I feel part of a little family."

"At tea and chat we talk about anything that crops up but, if anyone wants a one-to-one chat, that happens too. Nobody passes judgement on you or if you just want to sit and listen to others, you can. For me MindSpace has made a big difference in that I now have more confidence and I’m happier about the future."

"It's difficult to say how much MindSpace has meant to me over the past year. I’m not sure I would have gotten through it without the support and friends I’ve made at tea and chat."

"Over lockdown I’ve actually made new friends and developed new hobbies, thanks to activities offered by MindSpace."

"I was by myself all over lockdown and felt very alone, but MindSpace was a lifeline for me. I went along to tea and chat and met others who helped me keep it all in perspective and I realised that I wasn’t alone all the time."

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